Reasons Why You Must Have PU Leggings in Your Closet

PU Leather Leggings

Sometimes, certain thinkers are forced to wonder if the next best thing to wear as your second skin is somebody else’s skin. Thus the demand for PU (polyurethane) as a substitute for history’s favorite fabric, leather, was born. Counted among one of the most favored man made multifunctional materials in the 21st century, PU has percolated down to cover just about every aspect of human lifestyle including furniture upholstery, shoes, hand bags, travel and luggage products, belts and wallets and most importantly over all things else, PU has made a wealth of difference in the ever evolving world of fashion clothing.
PU Leather Leggings ManufacturersWhile PU jackets are extremely popular among the millions of people the world over, the demand for PU women’s leggings has been seen to beat all charts over the past half decade. If you don’t have one to flaunt in your wardrobe yet, here are 5 reasons why you must get up and get going with your first purchase…

To begin with, PU is a more comfortable substitute to leather that is also compatible with those who don’t use animal based products by principle. The feel of leather which is in fact, not leather at all is blissful in many ways than one. As far as leather leggings are concerned, stretchability and breathability can always be an issue. However, these considerations are a little more relaxed and relieving in PU leggings. PU leather leggings manufacturers these days are seen to be involved in manufacturing products that overcome the inherent limitations of leather which can actually be a blessing when used in leggings.
Wholesale PU Leather LeggingsSecondly, who can ignore the fact that PU is far cheaper than the cheapest leather? The price quotient quite inevitably plays in the heads of everyday buyers when they approach high quality leather products be it jackets or leggings. Decent high street brands can claim anywhere from 300 to 1000 dollars or more for an attention arresting leather legging. PU leggings on the other hand are available at less than a fourth of the cost! The craftsmanship and finish of these leggings are also very posh.

Besides comfort and affordability, PU leggings also win the race in terms of maintenance. Maintaining original leather can often be back breaking. PU leggings too call for a certain degree of maintenance, but things are usually as demanding as leather. Exposing PU leggings to rough and regular usage is thus a possibility as against its more natural counterpart.

7 Days and 7 Ways to Rock Your Classy Jumpsuits

Acid Wash Women’s Jumpsuit

A chic silhouette like a jumpsuit could not be limited to party queens only. Over the years they have gained lots of popularity and thus taken a new spin on a slew of various styles. Here some fashion tips are summed up for you to help you make through the week.

Bold colors to beat away Monday blues
It’s Monday and there’s absolutely nothing better than a colorful outfit that can uplift your mood and make you head to the office. With the trend of wearing jumpsuit soaring in popularity, you can find different color choices in pastel and bright shades of peach, beige, green and electric blue that can be styled with light accessories and nude pumps. For instance, if you wear a bright orange apparel with reddish accents and pair a denim vest it will instantly add some structure to the look and render a little street edge to the entire outfit.Jumpsuits ManufacturersRetailers can check out these items in more colors like blue, dark green and yellow amongst others and place their orders in bulk at the online hubs of reputed jumpsuits manufacturers.

Minimal monochrome for Tuesday shopping
When you are taking a casual stroll or on a spree to explore new outfits in shopping malls, then there’s no way your legs are getting rest. So try on a monochrome jumpsuit in black, white or grey with a pair of bright red suede pumps to throw a dash of color to your entire look. You can also purchase one a slouchy one in white tone, coming with low waist and big patch pockets on the front, to team it up with black booties and a large hand bag. This look brings an eclectic mix of glamour and grunge at the same time, best suited for a brunch with relatives.

Wednesday outing with grace and charm ensured!
Whether you are hanging out with your BFFs or having dinner with your family at the restaurant, you can think beyond your jeans and t-shirts look and rather find jumpsuit to be very convincing to go with your casual charm. So get a sleek black jumpsuit from your trusted jumpsuits suppliers and work in a number of ways. But the best one is to wear it with a golden belt around the waist and take an oversize clutch with black flats for the feet.Jumpsuits SuppliersDraped jumpsuit for Thursday movie date
So you’re going out on a movie date with your partner and setting your hands on ripped jeans and white shirt. Well, doesn’t sound nice! Rather you can go a little experimental and try out a draped jumpsuit in jersey style. A chocolate hued romper exudes ease and elegance while offering a structured fit to your body, flattering your best assets and covering all your trouble areas.

Halter styles for Friday night out
If you haven’t worn a romper ever, then halter style is the perfect one to begin with. The beige and navy blue two toned jumpsuit breaks up the entire outfit without requiring a belt to accentuate the waist. You can simply pull of the look for a raunchy evening party by balancing the garment with only a pair of black stilettos and your hair side swept.

Plaid jumpsuit to go with weekend shenanigans
Do not miss out on weekend fun with your same old short dresses. Wear a stunning black and blue plaid jumpsuit that can be glammed up with peep toe heels or go sporty with a pair of sneaker. You can also pile up on a headscarf in multihued abstract prints for adding some playful traces to the entire outfit.

Types of Denim Skirts and Few Style Ideas to Jazz up Your Fashion Quotient

Womens Denim Skirts

70’s biggest trend denim skirts are the trendiest wardrobe must haves, which are never meant to leave the global fashion scene. Versatile and the epitome of casual dress, denims skirts can be highly laid back or you can go really dressy with them if worn in a proper way for social events. Even if you use it as a basic blue jeans, or wear it keeping in mind a cocktail dress, you will get a lot of mileage while opting for a balanced skin show. The yesteryear’s vibe in today’s fashion counts for something in modern classic verve, which can be a style statement invented by anyone. Be it showing off tanned legs in summertime, or layering with an outerwear for a cozy and warm appeal in winter, a lot of style trends can be easily adopted.Wholesale Denim Skirts SuppliersThe leading wholesale denim skirts suppliers are crafting a wide array denim crisp shirts in various cuts, washes, shapes to entice the fashion-forward women for any occasion.

  • Skirt with distressed silhouette
    For a stylish dose of edge to your persona, get some rough and funky vibes with a with a denim skirt with rips and tattered details.
  • Slit long high waist denim skirt
    The high waist long skirts with open button slit can be dressed up and down for a number of purposes, making you appear slim and trim!
  • A mini skirt adorned with patchwork
    If you team up a white shirt or top with an embellished or patchworked denim mini, you will look like the ultimate diva!
  • Office staple pencil skirt
    With a shirt or layered with a jacket or blazer, pencil skirts look great when worn to office.
  • White mid length denim skirt
    Pair up a blue chambray denim shirt with a white mid -length denim skirt in the summer mornings.

Womens Long Denim Skirts WholesaleNow, you might be wondering on the style ideas in denim skirts. We will guide you with these:

  1. Mini-malistic with a denim mini
    A denim mini looks classic anyways, and you can get pumped up when worn with a simple fuss -free plain white button down shirt, tucked in for a smart demeanor.
  2. Do the 90’s grunge with 70’s distressed denim
    Channel up a cool but rustic look with a white and pink grunge flavored plaid half tucked in casually with a distressed mid length denim skirt!
  3. Professional polish at workplace
    Team up any colored formal shirt with a slim fit mid length pencil skirt, layered with a vest r blazer and heels for a sleek silhouette at office!
  4. Retro vibes with round sunnies
    Team up a slit open button log skirt with a sleeveless floral printed top, with round sunglasses and a backpack for the perfect retro finish rendered to your ensemble.
  5. Knit and flared hem on a winter morning
    Beat the winter morning blues with an oversized knot pullover teamed with a tight skirt, but flared at the hem in any dark color.
  6. Wrap it up for the casual strolls
    Team up a tank tee with a shrug and a classic blue washed denim wrap skirt, and strut like a head turner on weekends with friends.
  7. Party shenanigans
    Pair up a sequined top with an A-line long denim skirt in womens long denim skirts wholesale genre for a chic poise.

Sloppy and Slouchy Boyfriend Jeans in Bottoms Clothing Family Creating a Stir

Bottom Clothes

If you are looking for a clothing piece which can swing over from one style quotient to another with piping hot and sexy demeanor, then go for the adorable boyfriend jeans. The baggy, distressed and low-waist jeans are creating a stir in the fashion scene, for the most essential comfy and effortless look which we want when there is no intention to dress up for any occasion, owing to the regular mood swings of the ladies (wink)! Having the styling potential which we always look for, the slouchy and sloppy boyfriend jeans crafted by a leading bottom clothing manufacturer is having a big moment in the global fashion scene, stealing attention of the fashion-forward women owing to their wow-worthy appeal. Though loose and ill-fitted, all you need is the creative edge to make them look chic and cool at the party to the casual movie scenes.Wholesale Bottoms ClothingIf you feel to be happily wearing them every single day of the week, you would expect some style ideas, wont u? Sure you will, so here are few of them to play with:

1. Oh so dashing denim-o-denim !
For a fun-filled appeasing attire, why not the all famous denim-o-denim trend? Team up a simple chambray shirt tucked into a rolled up boyfriend jeans with a funky belt! Just keep in mind the contrast in the washes of both the denim outfits. Ankle length booties look great with this attire!

2. Go grunge and masculine
Do not go too hard trying to look girly in a male dominated boyfriend jean! Go for a tomboyish easy look with a boyfriend plaid shirt half tucked into a boyfriend jean with sneakers and a neutral shaded backpack!

3. Parisian look with jacket
Keep your upper body fitted and structured with a Breton striped top and a boyfriend jean, teamed with a cropped biker leather jacket and look dapper to hit the roads for an adventurous trip!

4. Fall scenes with a long coat
There is a misconception that boyfriend jeans cannot go with long coats. Go for an architectural trench or any long coat in bright color teamed with a shirt and boy friend jean! You can taper the waist with a belt and slip into your heels for the most perfect look, in redefined finesse.Bottom Clothing Manufacturer5. Beat the chilly winter mornings with coziness
Go for a dark washed boyfriend jean and team it up with a white button down shirt, layered with a warm sweater, a heeled boot and a hat to reflect a spunky poise!

6. Go wide legged with tucked in tank
Boyfriend jeans always doesn’t mean something cropped or distressed, you can also for the wide legged ones which are very much in vogue these days. Tuck in a white tank with such a denim without a belt and team up the printed unstructured blazer for a toned and clean finished look.

7. Match up femininity with ruggedness
Shake things up by pairing an oversized tattered boyfriend jeans with a silky blouse tucked in for a lively look, elegantly.

8. Some skin show with a strapless peplum
Who said you cannot experiment for a sexy outlook? Go for a sensuous get-up in a black strapless peplum teamed with a classic blue baggy and cropped boyfriend jean in the genre of wholesale bottoms clothing and slip in your red stilettos to add color pop!

The Gigantic Pant Trend is Making a Huge Comeback in 2016

Women pants

Given a choice, most women would prefer to wear adorable and gorgeous dresses and skirts over pants. But the latest 2015-2016 pant styles are extremely versatile and as cool and comfortable as the much-loved pair of denims. If you are thinking of trying something new this season or maybe just want to feel like a man, give these pants a try…don’t blame us if you never want to get out of them again!Women Pants ManufacturersThe Ginormous Pants RiRi Made Famous
Rihanna is well-known for her unorthodox, cocky sense of style and moreover, she is known as a trendsetter. She fabulously combines her global cool-kid-style with street fashion to wow the world with refreshing looks. She was recently seen leaving the New York City Studio wearing gigantic denims that featured frayed selvage and fringes. Paired with her ultra-cool crop top, front open varsity jacket and a really cool baseball cap. She looked totally comfortable with herself and showed her many fans how to carry off the humungous pant trend! A lot of designers and women pants manufacturers would vouch for the comeback of the wide-legged pants and trouser trends and even the runway holds prove it. Join the club if you do not want to be left behind!

Wide Bottoms Featuring Fun Prints
Let your legs breathe some air! No, the skinny jeans and pants has still not died down but this season is all about flared, wide legs that lend a cool, chic and sophisticated look when the paired up with the right uppers. High-waisted wide bottoms with graphic prints in exciting and vibrant colors are particularly attracting the attention of the designers and fashionistas. It can be taken to work with a smart blazer or turn up the heat in the street in a trendy crop top.Women Pants SuppliersCropped Pants
You must be wondering what is new about the cropped pant trend. It has been around for a really long time! The latest cropped pants feature straight, symmetrical lines and again, wider than the predecessor. Forget solid colors, shades and washes because this season is all about being cold and bright. Vivacious colors, exotic and bohemian prints and crazy patterns are ruling the runway right now! They can really spice up your wardrobe and add a dash of color to your entire personality. Some of them also feature drawstrings to give it an athletic and sporty feel.

To check out more options on wide-legged bottoms that can be worn to formal, casual to party situations, get in touch with reputed women pants suppliers. While you might itch to go for neutral and darker shades, do not forget to stock up on some really shiny, flashy and blingy colored and printed pants for the fashion lovers.

Cotton Leggings as Pants? We Will Give You the Tricks to Do It!

Smart Cotton Leggings Wholesale

If you are looking for a fusion of comfort and style, something in between tights and skinny denims, then nothing can beat the dynamism of leggings. Now that summer has official made an entry, sticking to the synthetic pants or denim trousers is not always feasible, and this is when a woman must consider refurnishing her wardrobe with a variety of wholesale cotton leggings, be it in plain colors, or adorned with motifs and patterns. A cotton legging can be your slice of heaven, if you know the right trick to even wear it as a pant, because it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cover your hips with long tops and dresses. The leading cotton leggings manufacturers are crafting sizzling arrays of these bottom wear to entice the fashion forward women not just on the casual days, but for the formal meetings too.

Cotton Leggings Manufacturers

Now that you are ready to embrace leggings to be transformed into pants, we have the following tricks to this style right:

  • When you are looking for cotton leggings, make sure that the fabric is thick and matte so that the underwear doesn’t get revealed, and there is not see though issue.
  • There should not be any crack on the fabric and it should be stretchable enough to lend utmost comfort.
  • As a lingerie, get hold of a throng for convenience.

Essential style ideas which you would need to slip into easy cotton leggings, as pants:

  • Casual stroll and friends
    If you are off for a casual stroll and coffee gossips with friends, stay comfy and uber-chic with a printed billowy top, teamed with a black cotton legging, and add a boho scarf for elevating your appeal.
  • Sweat out in style
    For the everyday gym sessions, it is time to ditch the boring track pants and invest into colorful cotton leggings for more stretch ability and charm. Team up a normal (slightly long length) hooded tee or sweatshirt in neutral shade with a rich maroon legging and get ready to flaunt your toned body!

Wholesale Cotton Leggings

  • Office parties, formal or semi-formal?
    You don’t have to always stick to the formal dress code at the after office get -together or parties. Look poised and ritzy in a chambray shirt teamed with a tribal or geometric printed cotton legging and slip into your ballerinas for the finishing of your semi-formal ensemble!
  • Formal dinner parties : Be modest
    Go for an elegant and urban get up for a formal dinner meet wearing a red studded button down sheer shirt, teamed with a glossy black leggings and the much needed unstructured blazer which will add the smartness to your demeanor.
  • Boho-fun all the way
    Be it at the brunch scene or at the shopping spree on Sundays, try looking lively and Boho with a white leggings adorned with splash of colors and prints in contrasting hues. Team it with a white or black tank tee layered with a plain dark colored kimono or cardigan for an easy-breezy stance!
  • Road trip adventures
    Hit the roads in a voguish way! Break the monotony of denims with a crazy patterned cotton leggings teamed with a tunic like top, a leather moto jacket and booties! The promising cotton leggings wholesale companies are crafting printed leggings to bring some innovative edge into a girl’s closet!