Dioz Group

The biggest advantage of Dioz Group worldwide equally is our control in manufacturing, designing and distribution department. Some of our globally acclaimed brands actively contributing to all apparel and lifestyle segments are Alanic, Alanic Sports, Oasis, Frerez, and Meubles. We will delight all you debonair and divas with compelling shopping experience, keeping up with fresh styles and novelties, revving up barest of clothing at tempting prices, a grand opportunity you will not earn elsewhere!

Why follow fashion trend when you can create yours with the leading bottoms manufacturer, designer and exporter; Oasis Bottoms! We are globally acclaimed with extensive online reach where you can choose and even customize clothing just the way you desire. Scour through a broad selection of bottoms showcased in our online gallery and you will instantly feel the itch of buying one for every occasion, whether skimpy skirts, casual pants or tattered terrific jeans in bulk at unbeatable wholesale rates.

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