Reasons Why You Must Have PU Leggings in Your Closet

Sometimes, certain thinkers are forced to wonder if the next best thing to wear as your second skin is somebody else’s skin. Thus the demand for PU (polyurethane) as a substitute for history’s favorite fabric, leather, was born. Counted among one of the most favored man made multifunctional materials in the 21st century, PU has percolated down to cover just about every aspect of human lifestyle including furniture upholstery, shoes, hand bags, travel and luggage products, belts and wallets and most importantly over all things else, PU has made a wealth of difference in the ever evolving world of fashion clothing.
PU Leather Leggings ManufacturersWhile PU jackets are extremely popular among the millions of people the world over, the demand for PU women’s leggings has been seen to beat all charts over the past half decade. If you don’t have one to flaunt in your wardrobe yet, here are 5 reasons why you must get up and get going with your first purchase‚Ķ

To begin with, PU is a more comfortable substitute to leather that is also compatible with those who don’t use animal based products by principle. The feel of leather which is in fact, not leather at all is blissful in many ways than one. As far as leather leggings are concerned, stretchability and breathability can always be an issue. However, these considerations are a little more relaxed and relieving in PU leggings. PU leather leggings manufacturers these days are seen to be involved in manufacturing products that overcome the inherent limitations of leather which can actually be a blessing when used in leggings.
Wholesale PU Leather LeggingsSecondly, who can ignore the fact that PU is far cheaper than the cheapest leather? The price quotient quite inevitably plays in the heads of everyday buyers when they approach high quality leather products be it jackets or leggings. Decent high street brands can claim anywhere from 300 to 1000 dollars or more for an attention arresting leather legging. PU leggings on the other hand are available at less than a fourth of the cost! The craftsmanship and finish of these leggings are also very posh.

Besides comfort and affordability, PU leggings also win the race in terms of maintenance. Maintaining original leather can often be back breaking. PU leggings too call for a certain degree of maintenance, but things are usually as demanding as leather. Exposing PU leggings to rough and regular usage is thus a possibility as against its more natural counterpart.

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