The Vintage Bell Bottom Denims: The Trending Bottom Clothes for Women

Faded Ice Blue Denims

It is probably the right time to add zing to the same old slim fit straight denims, and go back to the fashionable era of the 70’s. Wondering how? The bell bottom denims are back into the global fashion scene, reflecting class and timelessness helping women deliver a leaner look with wedges or platform heels. This disco era trend, with Bohemian flavour has to be handled with cared to avoid making any fashion crime, and the runway models and celebs are constantly giving us style inspirations to do them. The top-notch bottom clothing manufacturers are crafting these bell bottoms denims for the women who would like to add some classic spin to their wardrobe, instead of sticking to the monotonous denim silhouettes which are usually witnessed. Now, if you think that flared or bell bottoms are highly impractical, we will help you with some tips and most importantly celeb styling ideas so that they become serious denim movement to your fashion statement too!

Denims Bottom Clothes Women

>> Layer and more layers
Mixing layers onto something makes unique style quotients. Be it a long cardigan or slim fit sweaters, flared or bell bottom denims will get some added height and hence, effortlessly render you with a smart and sexy appeal!

>> Try different colors
Doing a bell bottom doesn’t mean you have to stick to the classic blues and usual denim washes, rather, slip into colors like white, beige and even vibrant hues introduced by the popular bottom clothes manufacturers and designers.

>> Use belt for a sleek ensemble
One unique and fresh way to slip into bell bottom jean pants is the use of broad or sleek belts with tops tucked in smartly.

>> Color pop
Remember, while you do a bell bottom get up, try for a peppy stance with a color pop of bright hue, may be orange or red so that the no monotony is created.

Now that you know the basic tips to wear them, we will help you with few style ideas inspired from the celebs:

>> Heidi Klum
This gorgeous supermodel was witnessed with a polka dotted sheer top tucked into a simple bell bottom denim, layered with a little black shrug for a highly put together uber chic appeal!

Women Denims Bottom Clothes

>> Katie Holmes
With her chopped off short hair, she did the bell bottom as sweetly as she could. Teamed with a grey top and a black jacket, with a brick red scarf(acting as the color pop), the distressed dell bottoms looked endearing!

>> Ashlee Simpson
She made a classic blue washed bell bottom jeans her travelling companion, as was spotted in the airport with a grey sweatshirt, for a casual and careless look.

>> Victoria Beckham
This diva went for a feminine poise, scoring high on smartness, in a strapless lacy black top, teamed with a blue flared denims, reflecting sensuous vibes!

>> Kelly Ripa
The notion that balloon tops doesn’t go with flared cut pants was proven wrong by Kelly, when she made a confident appearance in a blue printed balloon-y top and dark blue bell bottoms!

Thus next time when you go to check wholesale bottom clothes from the retail store, make sure to pick up a bell bottom!

Lucrative Benefits of Buying Wholesale Bottoms

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The world of fashion is ruled by latest trends and it is constantly changing and evolving. There are experts passing the judgment on what is hot and what is not and customers are unanimously drawn into their decisions. In the present day, buying clothes in large quantities have become a popular way for most retailers and business owners. One no longer has to worry about the designing and manufacturing processes but by simply getting in touch with renowned manufacturers and suppliers, retailers can have chic and stylish wholesale bottoms in economical prices to sell it to the customers. Read on to know about some of the benefits of buying bottoms in bulk.

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Amazingly Low Prices
If you are starting a business, you would obviously be looking for cost-effective ways of sourcing the products that you intend to sell. One of the biggest advantages of buying bulk clothing items is that you are bound to get it in really low prices that will allow you to have a higher profit margin while also not pinching the pocket of your customers. Since the trends in bottoms is constantly changing and you will be expected to keep refreshing your inventory, buying bulk from a reliable manufacturer and supplier is probably going to be supremely beneficial for the health of your business.

High-standards of Quality
As you are going to procure the clothing items directly from the manufacturer, you can be confident about its quality. Buying in wholesale will also allow you to have control over the high-standards of quality in each clothing item. Imagine if you had to get say jeans or trousers from different manufacturers, then obviously there would be a disparity in quality of the items.

Endless Choices
Leading designers and manufacturers dealing in wholesale orders are always striving to serve their clients better and hence, you would always have access to the widest selection of wholesale bottoms manufactured using top-quality fabrics and designed in-tune with the fashion trends. The wholesalers are going to offer you their entire selection and some of them go as far as to offer custom clothing options so that you can create your very own bottoms clothing line.

Super Convenient and Always Available
Most manufacturers and wholesaler are available online today and hence, getting in touch with them is as easy as sending them an email or giving them a call. The best part is that they are available 24*7 so serve your needs. You can just sit back and take care about the rest while they work hard to provide you with an inventory that your customers simply cannot resist.
So, do you need wholesale bottoms? Hopefully, you know what to do.

What Bottom Clothing Manufacturers Have to Offer for You?

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For your daily wear, wearing two piece dresses, that is an ensemble consisting of a top and bottom, both separate is a common practice. These are more comfortable and practical. Men anyhow wear two piece clothing, but nowadays women are also ditching one piece clothing style and preferring this two piece style. This has led to a surge of bottom clothing manufacturers who are offering a wide range of bottoms for you to choose from. Each of these bottom wear have their unique characteristics. So let’s check out some of the more popular ones that are widely worn by people across the globe.

Teal Jeans for MenDenim pants
Well, it is said that you can literally ‘live in’ jeans. Probably one of the most comfortable, stylish and versatile bottom wear that the fashion industry has ever witnessed, denims are forever. These everlasting denims are reinventing themselves every now and then which keeps the old wine going, although in new packages. Like wine, these denims get better and better as they age. These are readily available in various hues and chromes. You can also choose from a large selection of cuts and styles.

Awesome shorts
For casual wear purpose, nothing can beat a pair of shorts. It keeps you relaxed and cool at all times. These are made of cotton which as such is the most soothing fabric. You can have it in buttoned style or elasticated one- whichever suits you better. But elasticated ones are most preferred as these can be adjusted on your waist. A few inches here and there doesn’t matter for these shorts. You can still continue to wear them. Checks, stripes and monochromes are some of the common designs in these shorts.

Rough Denim ShortsThree quarter pants
Planning casual hangout with friends and wanting to wear something trendy? Another option other than shorts, which you have is three quarter pants. These wonderful bottom wear can be worn with casual t shirts for an appealing look which is comfortable for you. Out holidaying especially in rainy season, three quarter pants serve as a great alternative.

These are just few to mention. There are much more and the variations are galore. As a retailer in clothing line, it’s a great opportunity to invest in wholesale bottom clothes. Buying directly from manufacturers and suppliers, will give you an added advantage of cheaper price. This will pave you way for greater profits.

5 Truths Bottom Clothing Manufacturers have Woken up to

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Evolution of bottom wear from the days of the cavemen till today has been quite dramatic. However, the pace with which trends have been introduced, embraced, shadowed and discarded over the past 1 century can cover over a thousand pages of fashion history. At this very juncture of time, the very idea of bottom wear is more or less all inclusive which allows bulk buyers to indulge and experiment with just about any style and design they please.

Playful Shaded Denim

Considering the fact that the wholesale bottom clothes manufacturers have also woken up to a few essential truths about this section of clothing, there is ample reason for the bulk buyers to propel the cause of their stores…

Rainbow shades work just fine – The first truth that the wholesale manufacturers of bottom clothes have woken up to is the fact that the days when pants, trousers, shorts and skirts were restricted to grays, blacks, blues and all neutral shades are left to the past. These are the times when both women and men look forward to seeking fresh greens, corals, pastel pinks and even yellow in the bottom wear they choose. This has in fact expanded their scope of manufacturing by leaps and bounds.

Its pays to be bold with materials – With time, blends of fabric have also witnessed improvements and innovations. Therefore, sticking to the usual cottons and wool is practically prehistoric. So, this is the time when manufacturers have woken up to manufacturing climate compatible, season friendly and skin agreeable fabrics in their bottom wears.

Passionate Delights Slim Winter Pants

It is ok to be quirky – Bottom clothing manufacturers have also woken up to the fact that every individual wearers like looking and being different. So, introducing designs that are a little off trend quirky may also be as much acceptable to the bulk buyers as those designed strictly along the style charts.

Nothing is outdated if wearers can carry it – This is the phase in fashion history when retro can be reintroduced and made to work like it had never disappeared. The ramps of this century have immortalized the fact that people can wear just about anything they want as long as they can carry it ample boldness and of course right accessorizing. This has also worked wonders for the catalogues of the manufacturers considering the fact that they can now expand their list endlessly.

Ramp ready designs are for all sizes – Last but never the least, bottom wear manufacturers have finally come to terms with the fact that fashion is for ALL irrespective of their age, body type or size. So, almost all responsible manufacturers are doing their bit in ensuring that the trendy designs and styles they so introduce are not restricted to one set of sizes only.

Wow Your Lady Customers with Wholesale Bottom Clothing

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The new era woman doesn’t need to be a celebrity to don the latest fashion trends! And nothing elates her in terms of style than a fashionable pair of bottoms making her look trendy and accentuating her posture. The modern day woman wants a mix of élan and funk when it comes to leggings, pants or shorts. She loves an interesting mix of colours and fits to fall for. Keeping this in mind, leading bottom clothing manufacturers have been introducing designer collections with attractive additions every now and then.

Skinny Blue Jeans for Women

If yours is a shop selling woman’s clothing or you are a retailer in ladies garments, then it makes sense that you bulk order the latest designer wholesale bottom clothing from the leading manufacturing houses and stack up your shelves. This will help you earn a competitive advantage over your competitors and astound your lady customers. They will get exactly what they see in the fashion magazines. Some of the popular bottom clothing includes:

  • Chic coloured jeans – This is right now the talk of the town! College goer or young woman executive, coloured jeans fascinate one and all. This is just like a pair of denims or jeans, but is available in a riot of colours like jade green, chrome yellow, ruby red and ocean blue. This makes up for a perfect party wear and defines the summer-spring dress code.
  • Faux leather leggings- This type of leggings blend is class and style together. It’s just not the “lady long legs” that can flaunt faux leather leggings. A woman with average body type can sport this and look all splendid. The material is dry-fit and gives a toned look to the legs and makes the body look well etched. It also helps in agility and proper ventilation.
  • Casual shorts – Mostly available in denims and cotton fabric, casual shorts are meant for holidays and relaxing sessions, such as a beach vacation or unwinding in a farm house. The fit is neither too tight nor too loose. They are available in varying shades of blue and other pastel shades and can be coupled with tops or shirts.

Today bottom clothing manufacturers are adding on more variety to designer ladies bottoms. If you are a private label business owner or a retailer of woman’s apparels, then you can bulk order this trendy collection through email and cater to your varying customer needs. This will allow you to earn high profits and generate customer good will.

Choosing Bottom Clothes – Tips to Select Apparels for Full-Figured Women

Although films and media would like people to believe otherwise, not all women have an hourglass body shape. Despite working out heavily and sticking to a good diet regimen, those with a sluggish metabolism find it tough to lose excess weight. Meanwhile, the body has to be covered and women with big and curvy hips need to carefully choose clothes that can make them look fabulous and take attention away from their problem zone. The following tips can be useful in this regard.

Mustard Yellow Jeans for MenChoose straight jeans
If you must wear jeans, always go for straight ones. These are not very tight, and do not stick to your legs. You should also stay away from jeans from bottom clothing manufacturers that come with back pocket decorations. This is due to the reason that these tend to attract attention to your bottom rather than taking away their eyes from down below.

Go for single colors
Whether you are wearing trousers or skirts, it is better to choose those which come in monotone colors. This is due to the fact that single colors give the appearance of a longer pair of legs. You can pair these with bottom apparel jacket, dresses and tops of empire style, and also wear a pair of high heels, in order to make your legs look more elongated.

Acid Wash Cropped Jeans

Stay away from waist bands
It is also best to stay away from skirts and other dresses which come with waist bands. These types of apparels make your waist area look more prominent and give you a heavier appearance. Even if you are using waist bands, make sure they are not too tight. Otherwise, the excess amount of flab will show and you will look anything but stylish and slim. If you have too wide hips, flared apparels with waist accents can be perfect as they seem to create a balanced proportion for your figure.

It can be a good idea to get in touch with some wholesale bottom clothes suppliers and find out the stuff that is on offer for plus-sized women. This can give you an idea of how you can camouflage the excess weight of your body and be able to create the image of a proportionate body in the eyes of beholders. Do not let the excess flab ruin your looks and make you look like a pillow. Everyone deserves to look good and with these smart tips, you can too!