Colored Jeans for the Colorful Person Inside You


Jeans are no longer feeling blue; they have blossomed in a riot of colors. One can find denims in every shade from the palest pastel to the boldest primary hue. But in order to nail this trend, one would require a little more than just color preference. Fit is the key when it comes to attracting the right attention. Following is a guide that has been put together with a view to helping individuals understand which styles perfectly match their body type.

Petite Frame Demands Structure

It is extremely easy for a smaller frame to be overwhelmed with ill-fitting denims. One should look for a more precise fit that can smooth and flatten for a slim silhouette. Brightly colored stretch jeans is a good bet as it would provide enough space for movement while also hug the legs perfectly.

Colored Jeans Suppliers

Tall Women

It must be utterly frustrating for women with tall frame to go for jeans shopping and constantly have them come up short. Taller women should specifically look for cuts that are styled for long frames. A bit of stretch here too wouldn’t hurt. Women colored jeans are available in various cuts and styles to provide for individual body requirements.

Women with Straight Frame

Straight-leg crops offer a slightly roomier cut and it is perfect for everyday wear. One could also go for skinny crop to make the legs look thin or a flared one to add a bit of volume. These are available in all your favorite colors so that you can pair them up with different uppers and have some fun!

Flatter Your Curves

For women with a curvier frame, the main focus should be on keeping the silhouette in proportion. One can choose jeans that have a wider cut in the bottom. In order to move the focus off the full hips, one can go for darker colors and give a slimming impression. One might also go for the 70s vibe by wearing bigger-legged pair!

Colored Jeans Manufactures

Plus Size Women

Colored jeans manufacturers have not just thought about making petite woman pretty, but they have also invested considerable thought to enhance the wardrobe of full-figured women. The most flattering cut on larger frames would be a straight leg but one can also go for skinny jeans as long as it is one size more than the regular jeans. Curvaceous women have a wide assortment of darker tone jeans to choose from that would make them look slim and flattering.

No matter what color one likes and which style and cut of jeans one would like to wear, colored jeans suppliers offer a wide spread to choose from. Get in touch and satiate your requirements!

4 Reasons Why You Should be Critically Careful while Choosing Colored Jeans Manufacturers

Red Hot Jeans for Women

Soothing Green Denim for WomenDenims have jumped the scope of blue, and there is nothing that can stop this material from embracing the rainbow. Yes. This is the time of the century when colored jeans are gaining astonishing popularity among people from all over the world. Wearers of all genders and age groups are making sure that they possess at least a couple of quality colored jeans in their wardrobes at least till the season lasts. This is also the reason that has been motivating store owners whether online or offline to dazzle their bottom wear collections with many quality options of colored jeans.

However, what makes a difference in actually making the addition work in favor of the store is the quality of these jeans for which it is imperative to land with the right manufacturers of the same. Here are 4 reasons why all bulk buyers must exercise critical caution while choosing their colored jeans manufacturers…

Right manufacturers are updated with trends – To begin with, right manufacturers are always updated with trends and they know exactly what shades and what cuts are making it into the fashion headlines this season. They possess the necessary talents to match shades and styles with body types to create options that would be perfectly suitable for individual wearers. Approaching these mini geniuses can grant any bulk buyer an edge over their competitors.

Coral Regular Jeans for Men

They allow customization – Quality wholesale colored jeans manufacturers offer quality customization as well. This works wonderfully for private label owners who wish to introduce a touch of refreshing difference to their collection. Here, the private label owners can change designs and styles according to their preference, and yes, attractive prints on colored jeans also form a part of the deal.

Quality standards are always assured – Being equipped with the best of technological inputs, machineries and man power, quality wholesale manufacturers of these bottom wear options can always ensure offering the best that any bulk buyer can seek. From the comfort factor and durability of the materials to the longevity of the colors on the denims; from the trendy off the ramp styles to ensuring fashion statements for all body types, there is nothing that these geniuses leave out of their scope.

They offer affordable deals – last but never the least, landing with quality manufacturers can offer any bulk buyer the deal of a lifetime. With these wholesale providers the best of materials, styles and designs can be availed at very affordable costs. The nature of the costs can propel even the new entrepreneurs to commence their venture with these options without having to worry about investments. The advantage of cost can also be passed down to the end buyers for greater glory of the store.