Peeping Through the Most Stylish Looks which Skinny Jeans can Render


There is no secret that the relation between denims and fashion-forward women is timeless, and this craze is going to stay forever. You might love your distressed boyfriend jeans , or the flared ones, but there is one thing which your wardrobe would always crave for, yes, we are talking about skinny jeans which not only offer style, but are also highly desirable for being extremely versatile. Reliable, convenient and classically chic, be it spring, fall, or scorching summer, the denim skinnies will always cling to your side , rendering stylistic elegance for parties or casual gatherings. Realizing the trend of skinny jeans on the global fashion scene , the top-notch manufacturing hubs are crafting sensational arrays of wholesale skinny jeans in a variety of color and designs to entice the women.

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Now, if you haven’t done a skinny jeans before ,then run through the following style ideas to achieve perfection

    • 9-5 Demeanor
      Weekdays always cause an apathy towards doing something different to look stylish, and all we want is to effortlessly carry a simple look at the workplace. Now if it is a Friday, you can definitely take a break from the formal dressing code. Go for a semi formal dressing with a dark clue skinny jeans with a striped sweater, teamed with a subdued colored structured blazer for a poised stance. A sling bag and ballet flats will do great!
    • Stylish Shopaholic
      Planning to go for a shopping spree with friends ? Ditch the darn slim-fit tee, and put on a funky colorful oversized tee, or a sweater, and team this with a classic blue washed tattered skinny denims for a balanced silhouette. Embellished booties or funky sneaker? Make your pick according to your preference!
    • Dressy Denims
      The fashion scene is constantly taking new turns, then why mind experimenting? Let a major throwback to your school days happen today with a perfect coupling of a dress and a colored skinny denims. With the increasing rage of colorful denims, the coloured jeans suppliers are introducing new hues to their collections. Bank on a red skinny denim with a flowy , above the knee white dress and be the ultimate trend-setter!coloured jeans manufacturers
    • Blissful White
      Apart from basic blues and vibrant colors, white skinny denims can add a blissful edge to your look. Instead of a dress, look elegant in a lacy billowy top, tucked in with a white skinny denims and statement stilettos . At the date or at a brunch, both ways this will be the perfect get-up!
    • Party all Night!
      Can you afford to looking slouchy on a Saturday night at the dance floor? Opt for a highly sensuous appeal not in any dress, but in simple black skinny tattered denims. The ideal way to add spunk would be a silky metallic finished blouse with a leather moto jacket adorned with sleek embellishments. Not to forget the high rising booties!
    • Laid Back Sundays
      Now that you have planned to go to a brunch outing with friends on a lazy Sunday , pull off a simple yet refined look with a thin strapped crop top with a faded blue skinny denim, add a statement necklace and strut in style!

If you feel bored of the usual ones, then trash all your worries with the funky vibrant ones crafted by the leading coloured jeans suppliers.

Quintessential Coloured Denims which Your Wardrobe Must Possess: Styling Tips

Coral Regular Jeans for Men

Bored of your regular blue and black denim pairs? No, not anymore! Trash all your worries because the fashion scene is there to add colors to your life (we mean, denims!). The thought of buying colored denims also sound of endless possibilities being added to your wardrobe, isn’t it? With this trend getting a cosmic status from the runway shows and celebs witnessed flaunting them; fashion forward girls can’t really escape from this. All credits to the global designers and top-notch coloured jeans manufacturers for crafting sizzling and vibrant pieces to refurbish your style quotient with some added funk and pep.

Coloured Jeans Manufacturers

Wondering on which colored denims to stack your closet with? Roll your eyes below for the perfect guidance and styling tips!

• Profess your love for life in pink
Pink, the color adored by girls can add a lot of verve to your closet! No we aren’t talking about a pink top or pretty pink girly dress! Break the monotony and try out puissant pink denim either, ready to rock a spring fashion trend effectively! Go all feminine and fabulous with a floral printed top on white colored base, teamed with a neutral shaded wedges so that the colors doesn’t clash!

• Take the world and paint it red
Red, the color of love, sensuousness and buoyancy can also be a part of your stylistic elegance! Next time you go for shopping, ensure picking up a bright cherry red denim to woo your guy with all the needed charm (wink!). Settle down for an uber-chic get up with a chambray shirt tucked into the denim, teamed with an animal printed belt and of course the same printed platform heels for the cutting-edge appeal!

• Blissful with soothing aqua blue
Blue is addictive, is it not? But this time, let go off the normal shades like navy or royal and cinch on a subdued aqua blue shade to lend some edge and crisp to your fashion statement. Be it a brunch scene with friends or clubbing on a Saturday night, look poised with a lace billowy top and aqua blue tight fit denims, paired with a black moto jacket if it is an evening outing! Make sure to slip on to your black booties for the required dash of panache.

Coloured Jeans Suppliers

• Mauve: ultimate sophistication
The color between pink and purple, mauve is definitely in craze today! Punctuate for a sober shade of mauve with a sleeveless bright aqua blue sleeveless translucent top, with white borders and white collars, to bring in the required tonal contrast. A neutral shaded clutch and stilettos will enhance the overall preppy stance!

• Bring in sunshine with yellow
Yellow yellow dirty fellow? No, not anymore! Team in a bold colored or even a jet black(bumble bee alert!) crop top teamed with a bright hued swanky slim fit yellow denim and a multi colored ribbon belt, with a low key sober shaded sneakers or canvas shoes for a sporty effect.

With the coloured jeans suppliers setting a new trend, what are you girls waiting for? Try out the hot-shot combos and strut like a diva anywhere and everywhere!

Coloured Jeans Manufacturers Have Upped the Bottoms’ Style Game

Mustard Yellow Jeans for Men

Sky Blue Jeans for WomenA pair of stylish bottoms has always been a cherished possession for both fashion-conscious, urban men and women. And today more and more men and women are becoming extremely selective about their trousers and other bottom clothing. Coloured jeans have upped the fashion game in the recent times, making most men and women wanting to be clad in the same. So if you are an individual business owner or a shop owner specialising in men’s and women’s apparels, then bulk buying the latest offerings from esteemed coloured jeans manufacturers is a smart decision. These famous manufacturing houses are present online and you can place your orders through email.

Product variants offered by the coloured jeans manufacturers are stylish and trendy. Being completely clued into the latest styles and trends, these manufacturers produces coloured jeans both for men and women. They use premium variety fabric to ensure that the jeans have proper fits, side cuts and allow scope for easy agility and ventilation. Whilst manufacturing the service providers keep in mind that men and women sporting coloured jeans will be wearing them for long hours. Hence, these jeans have an easy fit and comfortable waist band so that there is no bodily discomfort.

Coral Regular Jeans for Men

Both coloured jeans for men and women come with buttoned and zippered closure. These apart, there are belt channels that makes the jeans comfortable to wear for long hours. Men and women can pair them up with formal shirts as well as casual tops and T-shirts. They can be sported as a party wear or as a casual Friday evening chilling out session with friends or family. The high quality fabric used by coloured jeans suppliers makes them comfortable on skin, easy to maintain and wash. The colour does not fade with subsequent washes.

Today, coloured jeans are available in myriad colours such as light pink, lemon grass green, chrome yellow, bright red, brown, aquamarine blue and many more. The colours have an even tone and the jeans have a brushed and smooth texture. If you are a businessman or a retailer selling men’s and women’s bottoms then you can search for coloured jeans suppliers to partner with on the internet. You can browse through their website, product portfolio, read feedbacks and then place a bulk order. These suppliers promise you with a timely delivery and also provide you with attractive discounts and package deals on bulk purchase.