This Spring, Let Jeans Wrap a New Definition of Fashion for Women

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
This quote from Shelley’s ‘Ode to the West Wind’ is very inspirational in our lives, but did you know, that this can be related even to the fashion world? Amazed? We will tell you how. With the fact that no winter lasts forever, and eventually spring arrives with its charm, even your wardrobe deserves a perfect makeover, ditching all those drab and fluffy winter clothes. With the cold season taking a backseat, the fashion-forward women must invest into looking for the latest trends in fashion, be it through celeb styles or cues from the runway models. Now, there are women who love denim trousers, and feel best in them. Better late than never, because, with the arrival of spring, the popular women’s jeans manufacturers are crafting hotter (rather hottest!) range of denim pants, with irresistible style and silhouette. May be winter is gone, but hey girls, you don’t at all need to bid farewell to the unending love for denims!

1. Be the cropped-jeans and tee kind of girl!
Do you love those peppy-funky statement tees? Oh well, then let you favourite tees get a brand new stance with crisp-cropped jeans, to strut in comfort and easy. Just tuck in the tee, and team it with canvas or ballet flats for the ultimate playful look!

2. Kick start your week with flared (or kick-flare) jeans
Do you want to consider trying a flirtatious look? You can effortlessly get this in a flared jeans, or may be a kick -flare one? A fusion of cropped and flared, kick flare jeans can be a wonderful options for a sporty appeal, if teamed with tank tees, and may be a kimono!

3. Happiness with utterly distressed jeans
This might sound more of like an oxymoron, but trust us, because distressed jeans are creating a stir in the fashion industry. Be it a messy look, or something bold, get cool and funky vibes with these denims!

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4. White denims, to create a lovely dreamscape
White is the perfect color to complement the sunny spring, then why always so the classic blue-washed denim pants? One of the choicest neutral shades to sport anywhere, you have got a lot of options to make your pick in white denims- be it flared, slim fit or even cropped. Carry a soothing stance with white denims teamed with any vibrant colored top.

5. Go raw with distorted hems
Carry a carefully careless appearance in timeless denims, adorned with asymmetrical and seamless edge of the hemline. A swanky-spunky affair, this can easily be your style mantra for the weekends!

6. Play with fringes
Get ready to steal the show this season with fringed denims, for the much needed quirky flair being offered with ease. The fringes might be of denim or of some other fabric like leather, ever-ready to enhance your panache.

7. Retreat to innocent days
Spring is such a happy season, then why look serious and boring? Pull off a funky appeal with embellished denims, encrusted with lace work, or patches and carry a fun-filled silhouette.

Why should women have all the fun? Boys, stop freaking out because the wholesale mens jeans manufacturers are not leaving behind to produce fab denims for you all too!

Jeans and Men – Decode Various Styles According to cuts and Rises

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Jeans are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. But finding the perfect pair is not as easy as it looks. After trying on several pairs when you cannot find the right one which you feel is made just for you, it seems very frustrating. So there are few factors to take into consideration for example proper fit and size. Apart from these you need to keep their different styles in mind to suit your purpose of wearing a particular pair. However, you will find myriads of options once you visit the online clothing manufacturers and check out their large collection.

What are the Different Styles?

Besides the right fit and measurement there are few different styles to look out for which are divided into two categories such as cut and waist height or rise. Want to know more? Here’s a sneak peek at them!
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According to the personal preferences of men, designers have come up with five unique cuts. The details about them are laid below.

Boot Cut
Most versatile amongst others boot cut jeans give a close fit look which goes well with almost all body shapes of men. So whether you are going out for a lunch with your office colleagues or a party with your friends, team them up with a nice shirt and jacket.

While those with long skinny legs can pull off a dashing look with these jeans, people with heavy body can overlook this style as these will only make them look larger.

Slim Fit
Unlike skinny jeans which is best for slender body type, these can be worn by a majority of men who want a kind of hipster style with some comfort added to them.
Since slim fit denim jeans are trending in the fashion world for the last few years, retailers can think about filling their stock with these type with the help of their online manufacturer of men wholesale jeans.

Relaxed Fit
Unlike other cuts which enhances the curves, these provide ample space around the waist and at the leg which is apt for heavier men.

Straight Fit
Similar to the boot cut ones the straight fit jeans are a classical wardrobe staple. Neither too loose nor too tapered these make for a great choice for any purpose. Just wear a graphic tee or a cotton shirt and you are ready to turn heads.


Low waist
When you opt for the low waist option, it is best to wear a long shirt or tee. Or else, be ready to take the risk of mid-section exposure. However, people with fuller stomachs are strongly recommended to leave this trend for those with toned abs.

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Medium Rise
This style is mostly preferred for its medium rise at the waist. Have a dinner date with your partner? Then wear a pair of blue faded jeans in medium waist rise with a tee. For added comfort as well as maximum style put on a leather jacket and impress your date.

Want a pair of jeans that can conceal your bulging bellies while giving you a perfect look for the occasion? Then high-rise jeans are just tailored for you. Grab some of them in different colors like black, grey, blue and pale brown and in ripped or tapered patterns and dress up with a tee or shirt and a pair of sneakers or boots.
Those who are business merchants and retailers, hoping to expand their stock with wholesale men’s jeans can contact a reputed supplier online and place their orders in bulk.