The Gigantic Pant Trend is Making a Huge Comeback in 2016

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Given a choice, most women would prefer to wear adorable and gorgeous dresses and skirts over pants. But the latest 2015-2016 pant styles are extremely versatile and as cool and comfortable as the much-loved pair of denims. If you are thinking of trying something new this season or maybe just want to feel like a man, give these pants a try…don’t blame us if you never want to get out of them again!Women Pants ManufacturersThe Ginormous Pants RiRi Made Famous
Rihanna is well-known for her unorthodox, cocky sense of style and moreover, she is known as a trendsetter. She fabulously combines her global cool-kid-style with street fashion to wow the world with refreshing looks. She was recently seen leaving the New York City Studio wearing gigantic denims that featured frayed selvage and fringes. Paired with her ultra-cool crop top, front open varsity jacket and a really cool baseball cap. She looked totally comfortable with herself and showed her many fans how to carry off the humungous pant trend! A lot of designers and women pants manufacturers would vouch for the comeback of the wide-legged pants and trouser trends and even the runway holds prove it. Join the club if you do not want to be left behind!

Wide Bottoms Featuring Fun Prints
Let your legs breathe some air! No, the skinny jeans and pants has still not died down but this season is all about flared, wide legs that lend a cool, chic and sophisticated look when the paired up with the right uppers. High-waisted wide bottoms with graphic prints in exciting and vibrant colors are particularly attracting the attention of the designers and fashionistas. It can be taken to work with a smart blazer or turn up the heat in the street in a trendy crop top.Women Pants SuppliersCropped Pants
You must be wondering what is new about the cropped pant trend. It has been around for a really long time! The latest cropped pants feature straight, symmetrical lines and again, wider than the predecessor. Forget solid colors, shades and washes because this season is all about being cold and bright. Vivacious colors, exotic and bohemian prints and crazy patterns are ruling the runway right now! They can really spice up your wardrobe and add a dash of color to your entire personality. Some of them also feature drawstrings to give it an athletic and sporty feel.

To check out more options on wide-legged bottoms that can be worn to formal, casual to party situations, get in touch with reputed women pants suppliers. While you might itch to go for neutral and darker shades, do not forget to stock up on some really shiny, flashy and blingy colored and printed pants for the fashion lovers.

Make Pants your Style Quotient this Valentine’s Day with Poise

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You might be single, ready to mingle or a committed relationship, valentine’s day is all about spreading love and being together with the loved ones in your life. But is it essential to look dressed up in elegant dresses and feminine skirts? With the stunning range of wholesale women pants crafted by top-notch women pants manufacturers and global designers, you can easily choose to go off-beat and flaunt your curves differently.

Ditch your darn dresses and skirts, and embrace tops and pants for a head-turning appeal this Valentine’s day. We get you covered with the following ideas to get this look:

Wholesale Valentines Women Pants

1. Rom-com Date Night
Instead of doing the overtly V-day themed cocktail dress , pick up something wow-worthy and unique instead. Team up a full sleeve sheer pink crop top and black skinnies , twisted with sleek gold accessories and floral printed ballerinas. Skinnies , among pants render a perfect silhouette, without any skin show.

2. Cuddled up Laid Back Evening
With the meaning of Valentine’s day being togetherness , it is not necessary to go out. Invite your guy for home-cooked food made by you (he’ll relish it!) , and spend lone time without any interference. Tem up comfy leggings and oversized sweatshirt with adorable messages scribbled up , and flaunt some fun kicks with ease.

3. At the Movies
If you both are movie buffs, then go for a casually relaxed look in a red printed high waist wide bottom trousers with a black knit top and may be a jacket, with wedges for the elongated stance. Accessories minimal to keep the casual vibes intact. The retailers are re-introducing the flared pants from the leading women pants suppliers.

Valentines Day Women Pants

4. Romantic Strolls
Try out sneaking out from your home at the midnight and enjoy some romantic stroll at the nearest park, or along a lake , with white pant, a chunky sweater , maroon wool coat and cute beanie cap to punctuate the look. Do not forget to cinch on the over-the-knee leather boot in classic beige or brown.

5. Brunch Scenes
If he is taking you out for a brunch party, look endearing with a high waist distorted denims . matched beautifully with a cropped graphic tee and pump shoes. Keep the sleeves in belle patterns for the much needed girly touch.

6. Dance Floor
Hit the dance floor with your special one with a uber-chic look in a red sleeveless peplum top and black slacks, teamed with pointed stilettos to give you the needed height. The fitted top and tight slacks render a refined veneer , with prep and flair.

7. Weekend Gateaway
Now that Valentine’s day is on a Sunday this year, plan a romantic trip together to the m mountains. Beat the February chills a sleek turtle neck top, skinny denims and layered with a pale colored trench coat. Slim fit denims are the biggest trends in terms of wholesale women pants , and offer you with a refined finesse.

Thus, with the special inventory of the women pants manufacturers for the loved-up season, you can replace your usual feminine stance with something edgy and swanky.

Revamp Your Wardrobe with Different Types of Pants For This Fall

There are quite a large number of choices when it comes to choosing bottoms wears for winter. Though some of them can be worn all around the year, others are entering the fashion circuit exclusively for this season. So if you are planning to upgrade your wardrobe with some snazzy pieces of pants, here you can take a look at some of them.Coral Slim Fit Pants

Flared Pants
Out goes skinny jeans and in comes flared pants. This classic style is a rescuer when you want to feel some more comfort in your legs. While flared jeans make a great pair with any basic top, palazzo pants are setting new phenomenon in the fashion world. Available in dark shades of green, red and brown as well as prints like floral and tribal palazzos are a great way to glam up your look for the day or night.

Tailored Trousers
A neat and tailored look is what desired by all, but possessed by only a few. So this season buy some tailored trousers in solid colors like black and red amongst others from your pants manufacturers online and team up with a plain shirt and matching blazer.

Black Regular Pants

Pleated Pants
Retro is back and so is pleated pants. You can try this vintage style as a perfect alternative to your little black dress for this fall when you are going to hang out with your friends at night. The best thing about this pair is that you can team it up with anything from leather coats to metallic accents.

Though you will find lots of varieties for leggings from those in pop colors and prints to the ones in different fabrics. Now for this winter pay a visit to the online hub of one of the women pants suppliers and get some velvet leggings at reasonable prices which will retain the warmth while rendering you the most flattering shape. For instance the one in midnight blue goes pretty well with any oversized shirts and sweater dresses.

Boyfriend Jeans
From celebrities to street stompers this is the one style of pants that everyone has been sporting for quite some time now. This is practical even for this fall when you want to flaunt your casual style while remaining comfortable all the way.
If retailers and boutique owners are thinking of updating their existing stocks this season with all these different types of bottoms wears for women to woo their customers, they can contact a wholesale women pants distributor online and place their order

Spice up your Look with Some wholesale Sizzling Women Bottoms Wear

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Gone are those days when only men could wear different types of pants. Now with the epic revolution in the fashion industry and the world in general, more and more women are now stacking up their wardrobe with stylish and fashionable bottoms wear. But there are still some women who do not have much idea about how to style with their pants. So here are some guidelines for them about various kinds of bottoms wear to help them rock the look.

Skinny Jeans:

After flared and insulated jeans, now it is time for denim skinny jeans. These are very good for tall and slim women as well as short and plump women, since they are mostly available in stretchable material. However, it is always advisable to look for the perfect size. An ill-fitted pair of pants will make you not only feel uncomfortable but also look unattractive. It should be mentioned here if you are planning to set up a showroom for women clothing, buying wholesale women pants will be most advantageous.

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Leggings are not new to the fashion world. They were prevalent in the mid-20th century as tights, but after that they went out of fashion. Now they are back again. So ladies, go creative with your leggings because they are available in different colors and prints. Even plus size women can now flaunt their curves with a pair of faux leather leggings or cotton printed jeggings, teaming up with tunics or long button down shirt and boots. A well-fitted pair of leggings can be worn while running or exercising as they are light and comfy.


When it comes to buying trousers, a corporate look comes to the mind. But trousers are no more apt for only office purpose. Take some cues from Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn on how they rocked their trouser attire in the 1930s with so much panache and elan. Now that printed trousers are trending in the market, all you need to do is don a cotton or linen shirt with a pair of trousers and short blazer and you are good to go for a casual outing.

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Colored Chinos:

Several women pants suppliers are now producing chinos in vibrant colors. If you are going out for an evening party, try out colored chinos with a sequinned top and high heels and be ready to grab some serious attention.

Whatever pants you want for your individual use or for your retail shop, women pants manufacturers offer a wide collection to choose from. What you can do is just get in touch with them online and get your order in bulk.

How to Achieve Style and Comfort with Wholesale Women Pants

Coral Slim Fit Pants

Black Regular PantsWho said pants are essential only to man’s wardrobe? These are as necessary for a woman’s wardrobe as well. While on a shopping spree, finding the right wholesale women pants are always on the checklist. Although woman’s fashion pants are not as versatile and casual as denim jeans, you still need to have them when you want to dress formally, or simply achieve a professional and elegant style. Before you invest in a pair of pants for yourself, its important that you know more about these fashionable bottom wear which when worn in the correct manner, can add brownie points to your style index.

Variety of styles
Women pants manufacturers have spoiled women with the wide choices in terms of style. From short cargo pants to capris and the normal length ones, there are innumerable options for you. Some of the various silhouettes of dress pants are skinny, tapered, straight, boot cut and wide leg. Slimmer styles such as skinny are much in vogue among young women. The wide leg pants were very much popular in the 70’s and like the ebbs of the tide, it keeps coming and going from the fashion scene.

Cool Blue Faded Trousers

Variety of colors
Besides offering the huge variations in style, there are lot of color options in pants as well. You can go from neutral colors like white, off white, black, blue to some trendy ones like red, coral, orange, green and yellow. You shouldn’t be hesitant with trying out new colors as they add brightness to your outfit.

Variety of fabrics
Women dress pants can be made from a multitude of fabrics. Each of these fabrics have their own advantages as well as drawbacks. If you are looking from summer point of view, then nothing can beat linen. It is thin, lightweight and breathable. This ensures you stay cool in the hot weather. But it is not appropriate for winter. On the other hand, cotton twill is thick and breathes well. Thus, it is good for summer and winter.

If you are women pants suppliers, its best to keep your inventory based on the season. For example, linen pants won’t be much in demand during winter season while its demand will be at a high during summer.

How to Choose Ladies Cargo Pants – 3 Important Tips

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Cargo pants offer greater amount of comfort, as compared to standard pants. These are widely used during the summer months and you can freely move about when you wear these. These are stylish in appearance, and you can wear these while you are indulging in hectic activities such as while exercising. These are used a lot by people having an interest in hunting, fishing, hiking and performing other hectic things such as construction, carpentry and handling machinery. When you are choosing ladies cargo pants, you are bound to get confused about how to choose the right one for your requirements. However, these 3 important tips can assist you in making the right choice.

Choose the right fabric and size
You should consider the fabric that you would want your cargo pants to come in, cotton, khaki or denim. The decision has to be made prior to purchasing cargo pants. The choice should be based on your individual taste and preference. The size of your pants should also be paid attention to, and it should neither look too tight-fitting nor too loose in appearance. Another essential feature that you should check is the style of the legs of the pants that you choose. You may go for straight cuts or wide cuts, as you like.

Cool Blue Faded Trousers

Go for those specifically designed for women
Many women tend to commit the mistake of buying general cargo pants from wholesale women pants sellers, without thinking whether these have been designed for men or for women. Cargo pants for women are designed in a different way than that of men. The waistline is more prominent and there is also an additional drawstring. Some of the stylish offerings come with a particular zip-off legs feature that allow wearers to transform them into cargo shorts – making them ideal for hunting, hiking and other similar purposes.

Select those without too many pockets
Cargo pants from women pants manufacturers generally come with less pockets. Pants for men, on the other hand, have additional pockets and allow carrying of mobile phones, eyewear, handkerchiefs, coins, loose change, tissue papers and other things. These products can easily be fit into these excellent storage spaces. However, it is better to go for ladies pants with one or two pockets that can help you to store phone, keys and other small items.

It is important to use the above tips when you are trying to buy the best cargo pants for yourself.